Bluehost Pricing: How to get to know the Best?

What are the best WordPress hosting providers? Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies out there. They have a established track record of supplying exceptional service to businesses, bloggers, and anybody else seeking to initiate a website.

Bluehost web hosting provides special hosting options for WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

Bluehost Pricing : Bluehost hosting plans Offers six different varieties of hosting, with several prices and plans to every. This will Become quite perplexing pretty fast, That’s the Reason Why We’re going to break Down every internet hosting type one by one.

There are 6 monthly pricing Plans in Bluehost Pricing Plans 1. Shared Hosting  2. Shared WordPress Hosting 3. WooCommerce 4.VPS  5. Managed WordPress (Pro)  6. Dedicated Hosting. how much does bluehost cost? Let us see the plans

which bluehost plan to choose?

Pricing TableDiscount PriceRegular PriceSavings / Month
Shared Hosting$2.99$7.9963%
Shared WordPress Hosting$2.99$7.9963%
Managed WordPress (Pro)$19.95$29.9933%

How much does Bluehost cost?

bluehost Shared hosting plan ($3.95/mo - $13.95/mo)

Bluehost Includes 4 Shared hosting strategies to allow one to pick from, each offering distinct degrees Of features and performance. Check out the List price of starter and renewal package for every hosting types.

Shared Hosting Plan Starts at $3.95/mo – $13.95/mo
1. Basic            : Starts @ $3.95/mo* – Renews @ 7.99
2. Plus              : Starts @ 5.95/mo* – Renews @ 5.95
3. Choice Plus : Starts @ 6.95
/mo* – Renews @ 14.99/mo*
4. Pro               :  Starts @ 13.95
/mo* – Renews @ 23.99/mo*

Is bluehost shared hosting plan suitable for all? Is bluehost good for beginners. Yes, It is the best bluehost plan for the beginners. Choose this plan for basic needs. If you need more websites and bandwidth, move it to Pro plan.

30 Day money back Guarantee for all Bluehost plan with Offers and Discount.

You can get the savings discount of 64%.

BLUEHOST Shared wordpress hosting plan ($3.95/mo - $13.95/mo)

Bluehost Includes 3 Shared wordpress hosting strategies to allow one to pick from, each offering distinct degrees Of features and performance.

Bluehost’s shared WordPress hosting plans cost exactly the same as its standard shared plans, starting at only $2.95 a month (discounted price). These plans actually provide better value for money compared to typical shared-hosting – they all comprise features like a completely free domain name for a single year, and automated WordPress setup and upgrades.

Shared WordPress Hosting Plan Starts at $3.95/mo – $13.95/mo

1. Basic           :   Starts @ $3.95/mo* – Renews @ 7.99/mo*
2. Plus             :   
Starts @ $5.95/mo* – Renews @ 10.99/mo*
3.Choice Plus :   
Starts @ $3.95/mo* – Renews @ 7.99/mo*

Shared wordpress hosting

BLUEHOST WOOCOMMERCE hosting plan ($3.95/mo - $13.95/mo)

Bluehost Includes 3woocommerce hosting plan strategies to allow one to pick from, each offering distinct degrees Of features and performance.

Bluehost includes three managed WordPress plans, which range from $19.95 to $49.95 per month at discounted beginner prices. All Bluehost’s handled WordPress plans include unlimited traffic allowances, boundless web storage, infinite domains and websites, and also a built-in marketing centre.

Woocommerce Hosting Plan Starts at $3.95/mo – $13.95/mo

1. Starter     :  Starts @ $6.95/mo* – Renews @ 13.99/mo*
2. Plus         :  
Starts @ $8.95/mo* – Renews @ 17.99/mo*
3. Pro           :  
Starts @ $12.95/mo* – Renews @ 13.99/mo*

Bluehost pricing

BLUEHOST VPS Hosting plan ($3.95/mo - $13.95/mo)

Bluehost Includes 3 Dedicated Hosting Plan strategies to allow one to pick from, each offering distinct degrees Of features and performance. If you choose at a minimum budget with simple website, then pick this is the best choice of your.

VPS Hosting Plan Starts at $19.99/mo – $59.99/mo

1. Standard      : Starts @ $19.95/mo* – Renews @ 29.99/mo*
2. Enchanced  :  
Starts @ $29.95/mo* – Renews @ 59.99/mo*
3. Ultimate       : 
Starts @ $59.99/mo* – Renews @ 119.99/mo*

BLUEHOST Managed wordpress pro Hosting plan ($19.95/mo - $49.95/mo)

Bluehost Includes 3 Managed Wp Pro Hosting Plan which starts @ $19.99/mo and renews at $59.99/mo

The Build plan is more than enough for a powerful WordPress website. It includes the simple version of Jetpack Website Analytics and Bluehost’s all-in-one Marketing Center, where you can easily monitor your own traffic from a single dashboard.

 Managed WordPress Pro Hosting Plan Starts at $19.99/mo – $49.95/mo

1. Build     :    Starts @ $19.95/mo* – Renews @ 29.99/mo*
2. Grow     :    Starts @ $29.95/mo* – Renews @ 49.95/mo*
3. Scale     :   
Starts @ 49.95/mo* – Renews @ 59.99/mo*

BLUEHOST DEDICATED HOSTING plan ($79.99/mo - $119.99/mo)

Bluehost Includes 3 Dedicated Hosting Plan which starts from $77.99/mo – $119.99/mo.

Larger web sites with heavy traffic can really benefit from a separate hosting plan. This hosting service is built to be scalable and amazingly powerful. Rather than being required to share server space with different users, every one your articles is placed on its own dedicated server.

Dedicated Hosting Plan Starts at $77.99/mo – $119.99/mo

1. Standard     :   Starts @ $79.99/mo* – Renews @ 119.99/mo*
2. Enchanced  :   
Starts @ $99.99/mo* – Renews @ 159.99/mo*
3. Premium      :   
Starts @ $3.95/mo* – Renews @ 7.99/mo*

BLUEHOST Domain pricing

Like Namecheap, Bluehost is also the cheapest and the best domain for most users, with nearly excess price compared to Namecheap.

Domain Names @ Bluehost price varies from

  • $11.99/yr for .com
  • $8.99/yr for .org
  • $12.99/yr for .net
  • $4.99/yr for .tech 
  • $12.99/yr for .com 
  • $1.99/yr for .website.



Basically, All Bluehost plan gives a free SSL certificate. If you need more advanced security, buy the PREMIUM SSL Certificate.

You make this through Cpanel at the price of is $49.99


The internet hosting company provides you the opportunity to be responsible for services you want. They supply several unique types of plans, ensuring their service is accessible to small enterprises and big corporations alike.

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